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Frequently asked questions

OHHY Roadie

What is the size of the Roadie?

2.1875” X 3.375” X .375” (The size of a credit card)

What is the formula for the sanitizer?

70% Ethanol / Purified Water / Glycerin

How much Sanitizer does the Roadie hold?

The Roadie holds 2ozs of sanitizer

How many sprays will I get from a filled bottle?


What is the fragrance of the spray?

The Roadie is unscented

How is the Roadie different than other personal sprayers?

It is made of metal, comes in a variety of awesome designs, and is refillable.

Can I use the Roadie sprayer several times a day?

Absolutely, our formula is easy on the skin yet kills germs

Where do I get sanitizer refills?

They can be ordered via the Sanitizer link from bar across the top of the website

Is a scented version of sanitizer available?

At this time, we do not offer the Roadie sanitizer as scented

Is the OHHY brand sanitizer for the Roadie a gel, liquid, or spray?

Our sanitizer is a spray.

OHHY Ovation

What is the formula for the sanitizer?

70% Ethanol / Purified Water / Glycerin

How much Sanitizer does the Ovation hold?

The Ovation designs hold 1,200ml of sanitizer

How many uses will I get out of one a filled dispenser?

The pot is 1200ml, spray per use is 0.84ml, so one fill can spray 1400 times.

How many days will I get from once I have filled my dispenser with sanitizer?

This depends on traffic patterns within your retail store or environment. Based on our research, you should get 25 – 35 days from the 1200ml tank.

How long will the batteries last?

This is based on the usage of the dispensers and the environment, but our studies show on average, the batteries will last about 4-5 months. Know that OHHY will ship new batteries every third shipment with a subscription.

How is the Ovation design different from other dispensers on the market?

The ovation units, unlike others on the market are designed for a robust, retail environment. Our dispensers can take a hit from a cart and still survive.

Are the Ovation stand units ADA compliant?


Is there a Warranty for the Ovation line?

Yes, there is a one year warranty on the entire display. Note that the warranty is voided unless the OHHY brand of sanitizer is used.

Is the OHHY brand sanitizer for the Ovation line a gel, liquid, or spray?

Our sanitizer for the Ovation units is a liquid.

Do the Ovation units come pre-assembled?

For the most part yes. If the stand unit is ordered, the stand must be attached to the plate using a supplied bolt and allen key.

Are the Ovation wall units easy to attach to walls, etc?

Yes, the units come with a mounting plate that is easy to attach to a hard surface. We only recommend toggle or molly bolts to fasten the plate to the surface.


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