The OHHY OVATION is a solution developed for use at gas stations, retail stores, malls, airports and other areas where consumers are seeking a solution for quick hand cleaning.




We are surrounded by heroes in our everyday life as we look to medical professionals, food suppliers and more to keep America running. 

As we look to venture out of our homes, OHHYs mission is to be there to serve the consumer at shared public spaces where good hygiene is needed most; but solutions can be scarce, such as gas stations, airports, train stations, retail shops, food courts and so on. 

We are committed to the health of our communities and our innovative product lines offer creative flexibility to surprise and delight all that interact with the OHHY brand. 

Optional monthly subscription service will provide a refill container of 1,000ml per dispenser every 30 days and replacement batteries every 90 days.


Our Fixed Placement Solution for Business